2010 and beyond

The KMC may be going native. As of now, I (Dave) am unsure as to where I'll be living and what I'll be doing after May of this year. Thus, no firm date has been set for 2010. Chad Brown at the AzES mothership has mentioned Labor Day weekend. A group may ride then, a group may ride at the traditional time around the summer solstice. Who knows?

My original intention has always been for the course to eventually go into Individual Time Trial mode. The courses and the benchmarks exist, here on the web and in the minds of riders. If you are inspired, go ride. If you'd like to contribute to the community memory, please email me and have your effort recorded.

Ride long.

KMC 200 Course

Please note, beta for this route is intentionally very vague and inexact.  This is a step up from the standard loop in every sense.  If you can't figure the route and logistics (water) out, then this is not for you.

The KMC 200 route builds off the 130 loop, but in reverse.  Familiarity with the 130 is assumed.

Begin at the start finish, ~1/2 mile south of 89a on FS 205.  Ride north on 205.
Cross 89a and immediately begin riding the AZT north.  Go ~23 all the way to the end.
At the AZT TH, turn south on UT 1025 (which eventually morphs into AZ 1065) and take it all the way back to 89a, ~20.
Turn west (up!) and ride 89a for 5.
Turn south on FS 220 (the east side game road), go ~24.  
Turn right, uphill, on FS 213, go 5.
Turn south on the AZT, ride ~30 all the way to the junction with the Point Sublime Trail road.*
Turn right (west), follow the PS road for ~10.  Do not turn south to go to Point Sublime.  Rather, continue north out of the park to FS 223 (Fire Point road) for ~12.  
Turn west on 223 for 1.
Turn north on FS 609, go 2-3.
Turn west on FS 271, go 5.
Pick up Rainbow Rim singletrack.  Ride for 18 to it's northern end.**
Turn east on FS 214, and follow the KMC 130 course in reverse back to the start/finish.  

These crude methods put it right around 200 miles.  No sleeping.

*You will enter GCNP.  Either bring your interagency pass or detour briefly to pay the entrance fee.  
**You have now rejoined the KMC 130 loop, and will ride it backwards to the finish.

KMC 130 course

(Presuming a start line at camp ~.5 mile south of 89a on FS 205 (approximate mileage in bold). Full route adds up around 130 miles, with a smidge less than 15,000' of climbing.)

Start on 205, stay right through 2 intersections on 634 for 2.5.
Cross 67, continue straight on 461 for 5.5.
Merge (R) onto 462, downhill for 3.
Left on 22 for 3.5.
Right on 423, go 5.
423 ends, stay straight on 427 for 11.
T intersection, turn right on 425, go 3.5.
425 becomes 292, turn left (on 425).
Go 2.5, staying right on 425, then bear right on 272a.
Go 2, uphill, on 272a.
Turn left on 272, go .5.
Right on 250, go 1.5.
Right on 214, go 3.5 to start of Rainbow Rim trail.
Follow RR for 18.
Straight off RR onto 271, 8 up hill.
Right on 206*, go .2.
Bear left onto 222 for 5.
Left on 270 for 1.
Right on 22, go 2 to 67.**
Straight through on 611, go 1.
Right on 610, go 5.
AZT singletrack on left, go 12 on signed AZT/trail 101.
Right on 213***, go 5-6.
Left on 220, go 12.
Left on 224, uphill (!!) for 3-4.
Left on 205, go .5ish, look for AZT TH on left.
Right**** (north) on AZT, go 9.
Turn left on 205, go .5ish to finish.*****

*This is the second time you'll see 206. Pay attention to the map.

**The Kaibab Country Store is a ~mile up the pavement to the north. Recommended resupply, bring cash.

***There's a trail sign on the side of the singletrack (in a nice aspen grove) right before the road crossing. Pay attention.

****The AZT is faint and overgrown for the first three miles, but signed. Be careful, especially if it's late.

*****Following the AZT back to the actual TH is confusing as hell in the last mile(s). Following the two track of least resistance seems to lead right back to camp. Or, snag a gravel road and head downhill. It doesn't matter, just make sure you take the same route as the person against whom you're sprinting.  

The "Rules":

1) You are physically on your own. All food, water, and supplies must be either carried by you alone, purchased from a store off-route, or filtered from in situ sources along the course. No "coincidental" prearranged support, psychological or physical. If you bonk, get lost, or have a major mechanical or injury, have the knowledge, wherewithall, and ability to get yourself found and saved without the assistance of others.

2) Follow all LNT guidelines. No gel wrappers left on the trail! Knowledgeable violation will lead to a DQ and lifetime ban.

3) Be a good citizen. Interpret #1 within reason. If you see fit to give a fellow racer directions, mechanical assistance, water, a tube, or moral support, do so. Similarly, do not expect or feel entitled to any of the above. It's nice to have good neighbors, but there isn't a law mandating it.

4) Obey all laws, natural or man made. Don't be mean to hikers, cut off cars, or ride bikes off trail.

5) On "teams".  If two or more riders wish to start and finish as a self-contained unit, especially if an asymmetric share of certain burdens is pre-planned, do so intentionally.  Similarly, if riding together for the last miles eases the existential pain, feel free to indulge.  Finishing ranks will be listed as ties.  No hangers on is all I'm sayin'.