KMC 200 Course

Please note, beta for this route is intentionally very vague and inexact.  This is a step up from the standard loop in every sense.  If you can't figure the route and logistics (water) out, then this is not for you.

The KMC 200 route builds off the 130 loop, but in reverse.  Familiarity with the 130 is assumed.

Begin at the start finish, ~1/2 mile south of 89a on FS 205.  Ride north on 205.
Cross 89a and immediately begin riding the AZT north.  Go ~23 all the way to the end.
At the AZT TH, turn south on UT 1025 (which eventually morphs into AZ 1065) and take it all the way back to 89a, ~20.
Turn west (up!) and ride 89a for 5.
Turn south on FS 220 (the east side game road), go ~24.  
Turn right, uphill, on FS 213, go 5.
Turn south on the AZT, ride ~30 all the way to the junction with the Point Sublime Trail road.*
Turn right (west), follow the PS road for ~10.  Do not turn south to go to Point Sublime.  Rather, continue north out of the park to FS 223 (Fire Point road) for ~12.  
Turn west on 223 for 1.
Turn north on FS 609, go 2-3.
Turn west on FS 271, go 5.
Pick up Rainbow Rim singletrack.  Ride for 18 to it's northern end.**
Turn east on FS 214, and follow the KMC 130 course in reverse back to the start/finish.  

These crude methods put it right around 200 miles.  No sleeping.

*You will enter GCNP.  Either bring your interagency pass or detour briefly to pay the entrance fee.  
**You have now rejoined the KMC 130 loop, and will ride it backwards to the finish.